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Recover your Ad Account Ban like a Pro.

I see many people getting their ads, ad accounts, business managers, and personal profiles disabled! Because I have a long history of battling with disabled assets on FB myself and now I have a strategy that allows me to keep my ads running while my assets are disabled, I decided I’d share some of my knowledge.

A little bit of my background: I run Facebook ads for my clients which rely 100% on Facebook ads. My personal profile though has been restricted for more than a year. Technically I’m not supposed to be running ads on Facebook. But I still do and I generate 5-figures monthly in sales for some of my clients. Below are the things I’ve learned along the way to help those of you who have or will get their accounts disabled.

Misconceptions: There are a lot of rumors about what you should do when it comes to disabled assets on FB. Not surprisingly, most of them are fake. Here they are:

1. Update your card. Using the same credit card associated with a disabled account would raise a red flag for a new account. Wrong! Unless your “payments account” is suspended, no need to update your card. I have been running multiple BMs and ad accounts with the same credit card for years. You may however get to a point where your card is associated with too many ad accounts. That’s when you should order a new one.

2. Verify your business manager. Verifying your BM will make it ban-proof. Wrong! A verified BM is subject to bans and suspension the same way a non-verified BM is. So why spend time verifying it if you’ll need to get a new one anyway. Unless your business operates in an area where verification is mandatory, there are little to no advantages you get by having your BM verified.

3. Explain your situation to support. Describing your situation, apologizing, and being patient with FB support team will raise your chances of reinstating your account. Wrong! If you violated ad policies indeed, they won’t lift the restriction. No matter how hard you try. So why spend time explaining your situation then?

4. Sharing pixels across assets makes them all vulnerable. Sharing a pixel with ad accounts or BMs flags those other assets. And if one sinks, others sink too. Wrong! Restrictions apply to one asset only (the one that violated policies) and a shared pixel and all associated assets stay intact. I’m not claiming these misconceptions and solutions are the ultimate truth because no one knows the truth when it comes to FB policies. However, I've battle-tested these principles and they have saved me tons of time and money in the past year.

NOW HERE’S A STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS IN CASE YOUR AD/AD ACCOUNT/BM GETS SUSPENDED: 1. Don’t worry, most likely it’s just an algorithms glitch. 2. Appeal. No need to describe your actions or kiss the dust. Try to be as concise as possible. 3. If they reinstate your asset – just keep running your ads. 4. If they don’t – it’s a sign you have violated some of their policy. If so, then: a. Switch over to another ad account, BM, or personal profile depending on what asset was suspended. b. Consider what might have caused the violation. Fix it and submit new ads for review. (ads are not always the reason for rejection, it can be your landing page, your credit card, your page, etc.) c. Repeat the process if you’re rejected again. Hope this helps! If you found this useful, make sure to save this post for your future reference. Warmly,

Saksham Sethi

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