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An online business coach (aka the “growth ninja”) works with entrepreneurs and coaches to elevate their brands. And help them gain credibility through performance marketing and strategic social media.

As a Social Media Manager and Facebook Ads marketer, he is obsessed with applying the latest strategies and techniques to grow his clients’ businesses by helping them attract the right target audience.


Saksham loves turning his client's visions into reality and scaling their businesses to 6 figures!



Hey, meet Saksham Sethi !

Apart from Facebook and Instagram ads management he also helps digital course creators…

1. Figure out whom they are serving - and what they need

2. Organize the unending thoughts running in their heads into cohesive digital course curriculums


3. Define and implement proven 'launch techniques'


4. Establish marketing strategies to sell their courses even before creating them


5. Use social media to connect with the audience, build relationships, and create raving fans.


He has solved these problems and helped his clients make up to $20k each month.

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