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Our Customer Stories

Learn how Entrepreneurs around the globe used My Services to build stronger relationships with their customers and change the way they do business.

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Eileen Cyrus

"Saksham takes the mystery out of social media. He breaks things down into easy to follow steps that help you move from being overwhelmed by all the platforms and how to use them to having a strategy that works for your business. He takes the time to listen to your needs and your goals and develops a plan that is easy to follow and gets results. Saksham is my go-to social media guru."

Heather Berman

Saksham has great business ethics and keeps up to date with all the happenings in and around Social Media. I consistently look to him for his creativity, expertise, and know that he will always steer me and my business in the right direction. He has a caring heart and is very trustworthy. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for an expert in his field to consider his services.

Business Woman

Melanie McMurrain

Saksham took my business from virtually unknown and turned it into a household name with his innovative and creative social media techniques. He became so familiar with my business that he handled it with great respect and personally wanted it to succeed. He is very patient with me as I learn new techniques. Professionally he is the BEST! Personally, he has become a true friend. Whatever the cost, you can't go wrong if Saksham is on your team....You will succeed.

Alex Bryant

Saksham's work for us has brought results from day one. He is knowledgeable, personable and makes navigating and learning the complexities of social media fun and simple for those of us who have had little exposure to it. He is patient, creative and responds quickly to questions or issues. If you are looking for a Consultant, Ads Expert with great results, Saksham is the person to call.

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